In Starving Artists Roblox can You Go Back and Edit Your Painting

Roblox players can now create and sell their original art for Robux in the new art simulator Starving Artists. Everyone can draw whatever they want in a simple paint program and put a price tag on it. And if someone likes it, they can buy it.

This guide will explain how to make and sell art in Roblox Starving Artists. The game doesn’t clearly tell players how to price their work, so read our guide below and learn the process from start to finish.

In Starving Artists Roblox can You Go Back and Edit Your Painting

Claim Booth

Before you can sell your art, you need to make one. So follow these steps to start the art creation process:

Home Roblox Hungry Artists
Find any booth in the starting area that says “UNCLAIMED”
Interact with the cabin by pressing the “E” key
Open the “Booth customization” menu
Give your stand a name and press “DONE”

Make Your Art
After connecting your stand to your Roblox ID, you can start creating art by doing the following:
Click on any empty painting on your stand
Create your art using the in-game tools
Press “Next” once finished
Give your art a title
Press “Finish” to confirm
You have now created art in Roblox Starving Artists, which you can set up to sell.

How to sell art on Roblox Starving Artists

The process of selling art is more complicated than doing it. After creating a piece of art, players must attach their art to a t-shirt and price it.

upload a template
Here’s what you need to do to be able to sell art:

Leave the hungry Roblox artists
Go to the Roblox website
Select “Create” from the top menu
Select the “Manage my experiences” function
Go to the “Shirts” tab
Download the template and save it to your device
Upload the downloaded template for 10 Robux
set your price
Once the template has been named and loaded, you need to set its price by doing the following:

Click the wheel button next to his shirt
Select the “Configure” option
Go to the “Sales” tab
Check the field “Item for sale”
Write the price for which you want to sell your art in Robux
Press “Save” to confirm
sell your art
Finally, you can start selling your art on Starving Artists:

Home Roblox Hungry Artists
go to your booth
Click on the empty painting
Select the art you want to sell from the list
Select your t-shirt from the section “Choose your price!” menu
Press “DONE” to confirm
Now your art will be part of the display in your booth with a price tag. If someone wishes to purchase your art, they can do so directly from your booth, and all proceeds will go to your account.

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